We organize trainings in the form of lectures combined with workshops, in the form of courses, seminars, or in the system of self-directed training, which take place at the client’s. During the training, we use video films and multimedia presentations to help students learn about health and safety and fire protection. The subjects of the trainings we offer result from the applicable regulations and are obligatory for employees. Each training ends with an exam and a certificate of completion of the course.
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The scope of OHS training:

  • Initial health and safety training
  • Occupational health and safety training for workers performing work in worker positions
  • Periodic OHS training for employees performing administrative and office positions
  • Periodic training for employers and people managing employees
  • Periodic training for employers performing OHS services
  • Periodic safety training for engineering and technical employees
  • Training in the safe performance of works at height
  • Pil Training of pilots
  • Sawmill service training
  • Training in asbestos removal
  • First aid training
  • Fire protection training
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First Aid

The most important in saving the health and life of people injured in various types of accidents are the first four minutes after the incident – these are the so-called “golden” minutes. Immediate assistance provided to victims generally increases their chances of survival and minimizes the negative consequences of the accident. Each of us can be an accidental witness to an accident! That is why it is important for an accidental witness to a dangerous event to be able to react immediately and properly before a professional rescue comes. The more people will be able to provide first aid, the more likely they will be to survive. Therefore, it is important that as many people as possible learn the principles of providing first aid. First aid is simple, non-instrumental activities requiring only basic knowledge. Training on the principles of providing first aid is conducted in a professional and comprehensive manner by experienced, qualified medical rescuers, using multimedia materials and training equipment (mannequins, AED apparatus, orthopedic collars, …) In a life-threatening situation time counts! first aid arrives.



During the training, the participant obtains current knowledge in the field of legal regulations concerning labor law, knowledge in the field of ergonomics of organization of a position in accordance with the requirements and fire regulations, learns the latest techniques of providing pre-medical assistance and organization of providing assistance.

The training is conducted in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Economy and Labor of 27 July 2004 on training in the field of occupational health and safety.

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