Why is an OHS audit important?

We work for most of our lives, which is why it is worth taking care of your and your employees’ health during work activities. Our mission is to build awareness among employees in the healthy and safe performance of their work.
Health and safety rules prevent illness and prevent accidents. It’s good to be sure that your business is well managed and seen as socially responsible. Also in the case of transactions related to the acquisition or sale of an enterprise, the identification of health and safety at work is of key importance due to potential irregularities as well as the financial outlays necessary to incur as a result of not being noticed

What is the OHS audit about?

Audit in the field of health and safety at work consists in analyzing the state of health and safety and assessment of compliance of working conditions with applicable regulations. It enables the determination of the actual state as well as identification and removal of possible irregularities. We determine the form and scope of the audit individually, depending on the purpose of the audit, the needs and expectations of the Principal. The audit can be carried out once or cyclically.

The scope of the audit includes the analysis of the following areas:

  • General information (conclusions, implementation of PIP recommendations)
  • Health and safety training
  • Medical examinations
  • Additional qualifications (authorizations)
  • Occupational risk assessment (facts)
  • Labor protection (women and pregnant women, breastfeeding, adolescents)
  • Protection of disabled people
  • Accidents at work and occupational diseases
  • Electricity (measurements, operation)
  • Harmful, onerous and dangerous factors (protection measures, measurements)
  • Facilities and work rooms (requirements)
  • Ventilation, heating, lighting (requirements and appropriate selection)
  • Work positions and processes
  • Machines and technical devices (technical condition, instructions, CE)
  • Manual transport works (compliance with standards)
  • Storage and storage
  • First aid (equipment, qualifications)
  • Fire protection (equipment, standards, requirements)

Conformity assessment of machinery and equipment located on the company’s premises and a detailed analysis of the working conditions provided in the rooms has a significant impact on the company’s investment plans.

What is the effect of the OHS audit?

Based on the audit, we prepare a report in which we inform the Customer about any irregularities and threats. If any deficiencies are found in the report, we also include recommendations and dedicated technical or technological solutions. All this so that the state of health and safety is in accordance with applicable regulations.

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