Obtaining ZUS funding

Obtaining ZUS funding

Co-financing from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) for improving the OHS status in the company gives the opportunity to raise funds for the purchase of new machinery and equipment for the company, which will simultaneously ensure the implementation of new and more effective technologies in production processes. By undertaking cooperation with us, you have the guarantee of cooperation with many years of experts who prepare over 150 applications for companies annually. It is important that our support is not only about completing the form. We guarantee comprehensive service and support consisting of advice on the selection of equipment and relevant offers, preparation of the application and complete OHS documentation required when submitting the application for funding, expert support at every stage of the application process and its finalization through the purchase of equipment and preparation of as-built documentation.


Applications for ZUS funding are accepted by this institution within one month and it is the turn of July and August. The basis of the process is the ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) regulations, each time announced before the date of recruitment for a given year on the website https://bip.zus.pl/konkurs-dofinansowanie-dzialan-platnika-skladek-na-poprawe-bezpieczenstwa-i-higieny-pracy/konkurs-2019.01

The general areas in which investments can be made are:

  • safety of technical installations, machines, devices and workplaces;
  • devices protecting against noise and mechanical vibrations as well as electromagnetic radiation;
  • lighting of work places and workstations and protection against optical radiation;
  • protection against electricity and static electricity;
  • air purifying and treating devices, mechanical air ventilation devices;
  • equipment and devices to improve work safety at height, in hollows and other work areas;
  • equipment and devices used to reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system;
  • equipment and devices to improve occupational safety in the event of exposure to chemical factors and harmful biological factors;
  • personal protection equipment.

On the page indicated above, ZUS also announces a catalog of investment activities, which is a detailed list of the scope of support for which funding can be obtained. We encourage you to read this document (Annex 4 on the page indicated above). This catalog changes slightly every year, which is why you can assess the scope of investments that can be implemented in the enterprise.
ZUS also sets the level of support for enterprises, depending on its size. The size of the enterprise for the needs of ZUS is determined on the basis of the number of people (employees + employer) for whom social security contributions are paid in the given company. Detailed data regarding funding limits are presented in the table below.


To enter the competition, you must meet the following requirements:

  • not be in arrears with payment of social security and health insurance contributions;
  • not being in arrears with taxes;
  • not be bankrupt, under receivership, in liquidation, bankruptcy or composition proceedings with the creditor;
  • the entity did not apply for co-financing within 3 years from the date of disbursement by the Social Insurance Institution of the entire last co-financing;
  • the entity did not apply for co-financing within 3 years from the date of repayment of the co-financing to which it was obliged
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