Fully OHS supervision

We offer full outsourcing in the field of OHS service conducted in accordance with the Labor Code Art. 23711 and the executive regulation, which is the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of September 2, 1997 on occupational health and safety. A very convenient and comprehensive solution is entrusting the tasks of the OSH service to specialists from outside the workplace. Using the services of external companies is one of the most effective and cheapest enterprise management strategies.

Construction safety supervision, our activities:

  • We draw up and supervise a health and safety plan, taking into account the specificity of the designed building and the conditions for conducting construction works
  • We supervise the implementation of necessary changes in the BIOZ Plan, resulting from the progress of construction works and data provided by building contractors
  • We coordinate the implementation of tasks that prevent threats to safety and health protection thanks to the latest technologies – the Intelligent Platform when developing technical or organizational assumptions for planned construction works or their individual stages
  • We implement the recommendations of the National Labor Inspectorate,
  • We coordinate the necessary actions preventing the emergence of threats thanks to intelligent sensors and the system of earlier detection of threats, thereby preventing the occurrence of dangers in 100%.
  • We issue guidelines specifying the possibility for Tenants to carry out works regulating transport and traffic at the construction site.
  • We systematically prepare electronic reports along with photographic documentation as well as health and safety analysis and recommendations from each inspection carried out.
  • We carry out Occupational Risk Assessments for each position.
  • We provide full accident documentation to and from work.
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